Issue 18 (October 2012)

UntitledTrends and capabilities of the DAB family of standards

Since its launch, digital radio has seen an evolution in the manner in which it is understood, applied and utilised by all sectors of the radio industry. Successive governments who have adopted the DAB family of standards have understood its capacity to free up much valued spectrum, fulfill their responsibilities to provide diverse citizens with relevant, accessible cultural services and to provide the fundamentally important service of warning citizens in times of disaster.

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jj picWorldDMB exists to drive the digital radio market forward through its international network of industry experts

The role of WorldDMB is to inform industry stakeholders about all aspects of digital radio and provide a network of experts that will help drive the development of digital radio. Through collaboration and working with members through committees, events and workshops, a greater understanding of the capabilities of what the DAB family of standards can offer in a multiplatform environment is being understood more widely.

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Issue 14 PO UPDATEWorldDMB as a digital radio ‘knowledge broker’

WorldDMB acts as a knowledge broker on all aspects of the switch from analogue to digital radio. To this end we deploy our members to make vital connections across the globe to ensure that those planning a rollout of digital radio are able to do so with the help and advice of industry experts. Through our members, WorldDMB has access to specialist industry information and resources that we use in a variety of ways. One of the most significant ways we share knowledge and resources is through the approximately 20 events that we organise every year across the globe.

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issue 18 premFuture trends in receiver technologies

When DAB radios were first introduced to the mass market the available technology at the time placed limitations on the receivers available, resulting in bulky, energy hungry and expensive devices, which significantly reduced their perceived benefits over existing FM radios.

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radioplayer-screenshot (3) cgouldThe future of digital radio apps

Increasingly major broadcasters are launching apps for their stations. Apps are the next step in the evolution of radio and provide stations with access to mobile platforms, offering new ways to listen on increasingly popular devices. Looking to the future, radio apps can also take advantage of hybrid radio. In the commercial sector, smartphone apps allow stations to innovate and experiment with new business models, from synchronised visual and interactive advertising to targeted instream audio advertising for mobile and tablet devices.

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issue 18 gg2The device revolution starts

Up to now most radios on the European market have, with a few exceptions, been rather old-fashioned. They have offered audio, a line of text and not much more. Absent were the possibilities for advanced functionalities that enable greater interaction with media savvy consumers through visuals and interactivity.

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issue 18 ews 1Feature Article: Emergency Warning Systems in DAB

While digital radio evolves and the radio industry plays around with the possibilities of features for a multiplatform future, we must not forget that core underlying strengths of the DAB family of standards still remain, such as its use in times of national emergencies.

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Issue 17 rscRegulation and Spectrum Update

The last World Radiocommunication Conference of ITU (WRC) saw the WRC decision to allocate the 700 Mhz band for mobile broadband. This is a significant blow against spectrum usage for broadcasting, especially after the 800 Mhz band was also allocated for broadband usage. The WRC decision on 700 Mhz band is not directly about taking the band from broadcasting but experience with the 800 Mhz band shows that sharing is not possible. This means that a decision on sharing the band could lead to an insufficient amount of the available spectrum for broadcasting

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ISSUE 18 SWEDENSweden: Proposals made to review possible FM switch off

The Public Service Committee which was tasked by the Swedish government to analyse the conditions for public service radio and TV has suggested in its report ‘new conditions for Public Service’ that Swedish Radio (SR), the public broadcaster should be the engine behind digitalization of the Swedish radio industry.

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ISSUE 18 GERMANYAn update on the German digital radio market: One year on from launch

New research, new receivers and new marketing campaigns have all been released to coincide with the one year anniversary of DAB+ going on-air in Germany.

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P1000307 - Copy - CopyNetherlands move towards digital radio

Since the announcement by NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) that DAB+ was the successor of FM in the Netherlands in November 2011, significant steps have been made towards the digitalisation of the Dutch radio industry.

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ISSUE 18 CAR AUSDigital radio three years on from launch

With the recent celebration of the three year anniversary of digital radio in Australia, the international radio community can appreciate the significant steps made by the Australian digital radio market in such a short space of time.

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issue 18 indoThai digital radio delegation visit Australia

Nine delegates from the national Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand visited Australia to hold technical, policy and broadcaster meetings with key DAB+ digital radio stakeholders.

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DAB+ Indonesia Technology Showcase

The Indonesian radio industry and regulator have selected DAB+. With a population of more than 237 million people the adoption would make it one of the largest DAB+ markets. A successful four day DAB+ Technology Workshop and Transmission Demonstration was held and key findings from the event include a set of recommendations for broadcaster and regulators to consider when planning the digitalisation of radio in their countries.

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Issue 16 jj car dashboardOf course my new car has digital radio… what do you mean I have to pay for it?

If you work in the digital radio industry you will have heard many stories of listeners buying a new car which they assume will have digital radio as standard only to get home and discover that they can only listen to analogue radio.

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