Issue 19 (February 2013)

iStock_000012857392SmallEconomics of broadcasting via the DAB family of standards

The move to digital radio is greatly impacted on by the economics of broadcasting. When selecting which broadcasting system to upgrade to, decision makers will factor in issues such as the long term economic benefits of switching. They will review which broadcasting system is the most cost effective and efficient for network distribution and population coverage. They will also take into account other factors such as the freeing up of spectrum that could be auctioned off to generate additional revenue. The other vitally important factor is to ensure that consumers have access to affordable receivers that can be used for tuning into the new services put on air.

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Letter from the President: A strong argument for switching to digital radio

Letter from the President Buoyed by the German launch of DAB+ in late 2011 and the significant progress made in more established markets across Europe and Asia Pacific, 2012 was a year of significant progress for the DAB family of standards.

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Issue 14 PO UPDATEWorldDMB Project Office Update

2012 was a busy year with WorldDMB members represented across Europe and Asia Pacific through attendance at events and WorldDMB led workshops. .

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Feature Article: DAB Patents Expiry

8203780246_ecb7fe8019_dab patents

There has been much talk and quite some anticipation of the imminent expiry of various patents related to the DAB family of products. The patents generally referred to as the Philips patents, are in fact the intellectual property of various companies within a pool which is administered by Philips.  

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Issue 17 rscCoordinating Frequency: The basics of spectrum management

The basic task of radio spectrum regulation is to eliminate the possibilities of interference. Any use of spectrum has three dimensions; frequency, place and time. If more users are transmitting at the same frequency in the same place and at the same time their communication will be damaged or interrupted. An example would be WiFi or an overcrowded FM band.

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dab high pwerFeature Article: Economics of DAB+: Broadcasting: Use it or lose it

A highly competitive media landscape means radio, like all other media, must fight hard to keep increasing its audience and attract advertising dollars. The Australian commercial radio industry has loyal listeners and a solid revenue base. The industry introduced DAB+ digital radio to secure its future and ensure it continued to innovate.

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ggFeature Article: Computer says DAB+… cheaper than FM, DRM

I already have an FM network and I am not paying to build a new digital one”.

Sound familiar? Well, it is still wrong. Some forget to take into account that it costs a lot of money to run an FM network. You may already have it, but running costs will remain considerable. An FM network costs more to run than a DAB+ network, a lot more if you want a selection of channels. FM needs one transmitter for every radio station while one DAB+ transmitter can broadcast up to 20 radio stations.

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germanyDigital Radio in Germany: a spotlight on Bavaria

Bavaria, a state in the south west of Germany, has a long history with the DAB standard of families. It was the first region to see a DAB station network in 1995 and paved the way in terms of DAB deployment in Germany. The state is the second most highly populated in Germany with 12.5 million potential listeners in the region. Bavaria is becoming a case study in how to rollout digital radio and make the transition from DAB to DAB+.

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Hybrid radio on the agenda at Mediantage

WorldDMB’s long term collaboration with the Mediantage event continued at the end of 2012 with a WorldDMB hosted panel on Hybrid Radio in Munich, Germany.

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Joan Warner award18Th WorldDMB General Assembly – Celebrating a year of successes and individuals in Germany

The WorldDMB 2012 General Assembly took place in Leipzig, a media hub of Germany. The event was attended by over 100 international delegates from as far afield as China, Australia and America. The conference programme focused heavily on the key strategic areas for WorldDMB; Germany, the automotive industry, working with the retail industry and marketing to the consumer, second generation standards and digital radio in car, with emphasis on the developments made by the WorldDMB Technical Committee in the areas of service following and linking.

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Hanns Italy article 2DAB Rollout in Italy

After the release of the first licenses for regular DAB+ services in Italy during the summer, December saw the first transmitters go online in the Trentino region. This area has been selected by the Italian Authority as the first roll out area for regular digital radio services.

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Issue 18 austAustralian DAB+ Update

In 2013 Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) will begin serious dialogue with the Federal Government and the Federal opposition about funding for the rollout of DAB+ in regional Australia. over 60 percent of the Australian population has access to DAB+ in the five state capitals of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, and through the low power trials in Canberra and Darwin it is clear that both the industry and listeners are very keen for regional radio to have access to DAB+ digital radio, like their metropolitan counterparts

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 Issue 14 UKUK update on digital radio

Today, digital radio already has wide coverage: 94% of the population is predicted to receive BBC national stations on digital, 85% can receive commercial national stations and around 66% of the population is predicted to receive local and regional stations on digital.

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 8205821164_86d5b02e95Digital Radio and the Automotive Industry

WorldDMB calls for the automotive industry to include DAB digital radio as standard at the 4th European Automotive Event

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Telematics Munich Update 2012 (4)WorldDMB at Telematics Update 2012; Digital Radio the Forgotten Connection

WorldDMB brought together high profile speakers from the broadcasting industry for a panel discussion ‘Digital Radio the Forgotten Connection’ at Telematics Update conference, Munich, Germany on 30 October 2012.

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Issue 14 UKThe UK Drive to Digital Event

Government decision and announcement on a digital radio switchover. Increased take-up in vehicles is vital and although 25 million people listen to digital radio each week and over 42% of homes have a digital radio, only 5% of cars have it.

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 Feature Article: 8204732139_46a0fb0c65German DAB TPEG situation

Traditionally Germany is a leading force in Traffic Information and for over 50 years broadcast has played a major role in this business. Beside spoken on-air services, Traffic Management Channel (TMC) plays a major role today with more than 24m receivers in operation. To improve quality of service, ARD has decided to launch a national TPEG service on digital radio. The focus of this service will be any safety related content as stipulated by the European Union. All ARD stations have invested in new TPEG based editorial systems to contribute to road safety and services will be broadcast without encryption and an additional fee – of course.

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News Roundup

News updates on the Netherlands, Germany, Gibraltar, Austria, France, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

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