Issue 20 (July 2013)

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Towards a cost effective, efficient network rollout 

When planning for network rollout many factors need to be taken into account to ensure that it is done efficiently, effectively and that the money available is invested wisely. The first steps are to ensure that the digital radio standards being adopted and being upgraded to are suitable and robust as they will have to meet the many different requirements set out by governments, regulators, the broadcasting industry and the end user – the consumer.

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jj pic Letter from the President

Although many countries are on the road towards a fully digitised radio industry there are also countries that are in the process of starting off on this initiative.

Last year saw WorldDMB undertaking workshops and demonstrations in new pre-launch digital radio markets such as in Indonesia. WorldDMB worked closely with the Indonesian regulator and the broadcasting industry to assist them in their journey to bring digital radio to market.

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Issue 14 PO UPDATEWorldDMB Project Office Update

We are now almost at the halfway point of 2013 and so much has been achieved already.

The Project Office have run series of events that to continue to drive the current momentum towards digital radio that we are currently witnessing, such as in Italy.

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SwissPopTechnical Committee  Update

Mathias Coinchon is the Vice Chair of the WorldDMB Technical Committee and member of the Steering Board. Here he provides an overview on DAB+ in cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 which was held in March.

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Issue 17 rscThe importance of spectrum regulation 

Just like analogue radio which has been regulated for year,  digital radio will face the same conditions without any  dramatic  changes likely to be implemented. Whether you like it or not – regulation of digital radio and TV will remain

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dab high pwerFeature Article: Towards a cost effective and efficient network rollout: DAB+ – Australia the High Powered Approach

Radio in Australia is traditionally broadcast at high power in analogue and the industry target was to ensure good indoor and outdoor DAB+ coverage.

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swiss consumerFeature Article: Upgrading from DAB to DAB+: A smooth transition in Switzerland

Switzerland provides a successful example of a country upgrading its broadcast systems from DAB to the second generation DAB+ digital radio.

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germanyFeature article: DAB+: Network roll-out in Germany

In summer 2011 Germany launched a nationwide radio multiplex based on the DAB+ technology. This multiplex offered commercial broadcasters the unique opportunity of nationwide transmission.

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EBU-UEREBU launches a new Technical Recommendation

Since the beginning of the year a significant milestone for the future of digital radio in Europe was made when the EBU recommended DAB+ as the future for European digital radio.

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UntitledFeature Article: Germany: The point of no return

The digital radio market since its launch in Germany in August 2011 has seen some key indicators that demonstrate that Germany is at a point of no return in its campaign for digital radio rollout.

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8660121661_c195d8a2d4_cFeature Article: Within three years RAI will deploy DAB+ coverage of the entire region of northern Italy

WorldDMB in collaboration with Trentino Network and Club DAB Italia organised a seminar on digital radio. The event was held on the 15-16 April in Trento the first Italian province to be involved with AGCOM (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni) and the Ministry of Telecommunication and Economics in making the transition to the DAB family of standards.

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Poznań Media EXPO 2013 - 1A Digital Poland for All

The 5th Poznan Media Expo (PME) was finished successfully two weeks ago. This annual event named Forum of Digital Technology was as usual devoted to the issues surrounding electronic media, particularly to digital radio and television.

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radio_szczecinThe next DAB+ trial launches Poland

Polskie Radio Szczecin launches a DAB+ pilot to demonstrate new features and the great potential of digital radio.

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europeEurope: Country News Summary

– Poland
– Czech Republic
– Netherlands

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asiaAsia Pacific Update

Interest in digital radio in the Asia Pacific region is at an all time high following transmission workshops in both Indonesia and Thailand.   Utilising DAB+ equipment and expertise from Australia and Europe, Commercial Radio Australia and WorldDMB conducted DAB+ transmission demonstrations in Jakarta and Bangkok.

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France2Digital radio in the connected car

The connected car has long been a hot topic in the automotive world. Vehicle manufacturers seem to forget cars and drivers have long been connected via their radio.

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Connecting services: Starting points for broadcasters and the automotive industry

CASE STUDY: 90elf and Mercedes Benz

90elf is a digital only radio station dedicated to bringing listeners live matches via the radio and it is the first choice for football fans who don’t want to miss a game. The station is broadcast online and on DAB+ and is strongly committed to a digital strategy via DAB+ and IP and has embraced the commercial opportunities that digitisation has offered.

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Technical meeting on future radio/TV services: 21 May 2013, Tunis, Tunisia

Technical Working Group “B” on radio and TV transmission22 May, Tunis, Tunisia

Asian Radiodays in conjunction with Asia Media Summit28 May, Manado, Indonesia

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