Issue 23 (July 2014)

WorldDMB and its members are focused on assisting countries in their implementation of digital radio in their territories by sharing best practice solutions and case studies.

In this issue of Eureka! you will find examples and opinions on all of the industry from manufactures to broadcasters and roll out bodies as we look at the issues affecting Digital Switchover and the steps being taken to achieve the objectives that have been formulated together with Government. The latest market update on Asia Pacific focuses on the key messages presented at Radio Asia, Columbo and the Climate Change Summit in Jakarta. The role of DAB+ in emergency situations was discussed at the first Media Summit on Climate Change whereby examples of how effective DAB+ slide show could be in disseminating warnings and traffic updates where shown and examined.  We also take a look at the latest developments to increase in car listening.

An overview of the EBU’s Smart Radio Initiative provides an insightful overview of the initiative and the factors that are currently driving the plan forward to provide mobile listeners with access to digital broadcast radio without incurring high data cost.

The current activities taking place around the world to implement the DAB+ standard are driving a successful rollout with over 40 countries adopting this standard. Norway is currently on course to achieve a 100% digital radio network coverage, which country will be next?

PH for ELetter from the President

2014 will be an exciting year for the digital radio industry. As I take up my role of WorldDMB President I have a sense of huge optimism as during 2013 the DAB/ DAB+ digital radio footprint grew significantly across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Arab states and Africa.  Read more…





WorldDMB Project Office Update

Read about the latest new from the WorldDMB project Office, about our newest members and details of the featured member benefit.  Read more…



Feature Article: A global look at the Digital Radio Switchover

Around the world, DAB/DAB+ is being chosen as the digital radio Digital Radio Switchover broadcasting standard of choice for broadcasters. This is a positive proposition for digital broadcasting stakeholders and the value they can provide to radio listeners. For Digital Switchover to take place in a country, certain criteria must be established and met. We take a global look at the Digital Switch Over (DSO) situation from the perspectives of manufacturers, digital radio roll out bodies, technicians and advisers.

Read more…


Feature Article: The Digital Tick Mark – Driving growth in cars

In December last year UK Government Broadcast Minister Ed Vaizey announced a package of measures designed to support continued digital radio growth, and to help us achieve the criteria to confirm a switchover. The announcements included investment in DAB coverage build-out, a new commercial radio DAB multiplex, investment in a new small-scale DAB solution, unprecedented communications support from Government motoring agencies and the introduction of a consumer-facing Digital Radio Tick Mark logo. Digital Radio UK was tasked with launching the tick mark and car manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers can now apply to use it.

Read more…

Smart Radio initiativeFeature Article: Bundling the power of public service media and the Smart Radio Initiative 

The future of radio is digital. This was the message of the 20th EBU Radio Assembly recently held in Amsterdam. Marjan Hammersma, Director General, Dutch Ministry of Culture and Education, stressed the importance of free-to-air broadcast in a digitised media world, and Jan Westerhof, Director of Radio at NPO, explained the current push for DAB+ in the Netherlands while showing the latest promotional video of the newly launched campaign in which public service and commercial radio broadcasters are working together to promote the benefits of listening to digital radio to the public.

Read more…

Feature Article: Zürich Automotive 2014 

What are the implications and expectations of  DAB+ listening in cars to German drivers?

On 13th March, MCDT and Dgital Radio Deutschland hosted an automotive workshop in Zürich where experts shared their experiences and knowledge of digital radio broadcasting within the automotive industry. The event was opened by the head of Digital Radio Deutschland, Michael Reichert and CEO of MCDT, Beatrice Merlach and was attended by over 100 participants from the local broadcasting and automotive industries including Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Suzuki, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Read more…


Joan Warner RadioAsia2014Market Update: Asia Pacific

Joan Warner, CEO Commercial Radio Australia and Chairman WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee Radio is maintaining its reach across the Asia Pacific region despite competition from other media and remains a much loved and used media even by the younger age groups, where the threat from mobile and internet is strongest.
Read more…


TCTechnical Committee Update

DAB started as a European Union funded research project called Eureka 147, and the outcome of that work was the original DAB system standard, way back in 1994. The development of additional standards and maintenance of the core DAB standard, ETSI EN 300 401, has been carried out by the WorldDMB Technical Committee for many years.  20 years on from the initial standard, what is the TC doing now? Read more… 


Geneva RSCRegulation and Spectrum Update

The World Radiocommunication Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (WRC-15) will take place in Geneva from 2 to 27 November 2015.

This conference is expected to be the most important event related to radio spectrum in 2015 with impact on radio spectrum use in long term. It is the job of WRC to review and revise the Radio Regulations, the international treaty governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the geostationary-satellite and non-geostationary-satellite orbits.

Read more…

 WorldDMB Member’s Update

Find out about the newest WorldDMB members, featured members news and featured membership benefit.

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Upcoming WorldDMB Events 

September 2014

5th – 10th – IFA

11th – 16th – WorldDMB – IBC 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands

22nd – 23rd – Auto Apps Evolution 2014

24th – 25th – Workshop Digital Broadcasting WSDB 2014, Erfurt, Germany 

25th Sep – 2nd Oct – IAA Commercial Vehicles

October 2014

2nd – 19th – Paris Motor Show

22nd – 24th – Medientage Munich

22nd – 28th – ABU 51st General Assembly

November 2014

4th – 5th – 20th WorldDMB General Assembly 
Rome Italy

10th – 11th – Telematics Munich

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