Issue 26 (August 2015)

DAB – Adding value to radio in a digital age

This summer edition of Eureka! explores the actions being taken to add value to radio listening through DAB. Technical advancements to SlideShow and the changes to the Latin-based character set for DAB ensure that global listeners are able to listen to their radios in a way not previously experienced. Collaboration between the broadcasting and automotive industries across Europe and Asia Pacific and the launching of trials in the Middle East demonstrate the commitment to implementing DAB as the standard of choice for radio listening in the digital age.


WorldDMB PresidentLetter from the President

The end of July is a good time to review the progress DAB digital radio has made this year – and to set out our priorities for the rest of 2015.

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Communicating the benefits of digital radio in the car – ‘Comes with DAB as standard!’

Over the past seven years, digital radio has changed from being an option on a small number of high-end models into a must have  standard feature in many makes and models in a growing number of markets.

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DAB strengthens economic programming benefits for terrestrial radio

DAB appears to have a very bright future for the Middle East for the same reason that Norway and other European countries have committed to the standard.

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DAB needs more spectrum!
Spectrum for digital radio in Europe was allocated a long time ago, starting with the Wiesbaden Plan in 1995, and it has been always been considered as a certainty. Recent developments have shown that everything could be reconsidered and modifications of international agreements are implemented shortly after being adopted.

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Turkey looks to digital

In 2014, Turkey’s public broadcaster, TRT, celebrated 50 years of broadcasting, and WorldDMB was there to help them celebrate, presenting DAB/DAB+ receivers, market information and case studies on the development of DAB.

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Evolution of the Slideshow
Categorised SlideShow enables broadcasters to provide graphics, divided into categories, making it much easier for listeners to find what they are looking for. Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) is the first national broadcaster to put such services on air, giving us a lot more flexibility than before.

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Market Update
The focus in the Asia Pacific at recent conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and Myanmar has been all about new ways of connecting and sharing with radio audiences.


Lindsey-CornellNew Latin-based character set for DAB
The World DMB Technical Committee has completed work on revising the main character set used for station names and text accompanying radio programmes.  The revision has been made to ensure that the spread of DAB into Eastern European countries is not hampered by poor rendering of text on radios.

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World-DAB-logo_blue_minus-strapline_square_200pxWorldDMB Members Update
WorldDMB welcomes two new organisations and highlights the latest industry news from members.

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Cover image courtesy of Sjoerd Booij

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